Posted by: pmlemar | July 12, 2010

World Cup Adventures in Minneapolis

This weekend I drove up to the Cities in order to hang out with some friends and watch the World Cup games. I was only planning on going for the day on Saturday, but my friends instantly insisted I stay for the final game on Sunday. Boy am I glad I stayed!

Not only was it the best weekend I’ve had in a while, but also, I got to drink my favorite cider ale (Strongbow) and spend more time with my friends than I’ve been able to in much too long a time.

So, Saturday, I got to my friend Linnea’s house around 10:30ish. From there we went straight to Mall of America to visit Emma who was working all day at Macy’s. Her 20 minute break turned into about an hour…whoops! We drank coffees and smoothies and chatted about the past year since it’s been about that long since the three of us were together. Around noon, when we’d told everyone else we would meet them at the pub, we left MoA to downtown Minneapolis. Specifically: Brit’s Pub. My new favorite place.

Waiting for us there on the rooftop lawn bowling area, were Matt and his friend Tom. Soon to follow were Jo and her roommate Sam. We laughed, we drank, we ate, we drank, we watched soccer, we drank. All in all, a wonderful afternoon. But the fun only started at Brits. We were there for about 5 or 6 hours (most of it outside…without sun block *eek*). Then we decided we hadn’t been outside enough. We walked to Jo and Sam’s place in Dinkytown because it was “close”. Bahahaha, it was a little farther than what I would have called close, but whatever. Once there we decided we wanted to go to the St. Paul Saints game. We piled into Sam’s car, and tailgated for a bit once we got there. You see, we are all pretty poor, so we decided to wait until 6th inning to go into the game because at that point they have stopped checking tickets, so you get in for free.

It’s about 9 at night and we all realize we haven’t had dinner yet. Thank God for food at baseball games! Even though they are ridiculously over-priced. But we got in for free anyway, so it all evened out. Around 10:30 the game ends, and we all climb back into Sam’s car to go back to downtown so I can get my car and so that Matt can get his.

Along the way, we’ve got some dancing music bursting out of our speakers, and Jo, being who she is, was dancing and flirting with every driver that passed us or was fortunate enough to get stopped next to us at a light. We got some laughs, some smiles, some avoidance, but best of all, we got a limo full of people to think we are awesome. Jo and Sam decide their night is not over and head over to Too Much Love at 1st Ave. The rest of us call it quits. Before we can relax, though, we get to my car and there’s a parking ticket on it.


It was 11 o’clock at night on a SATURDAY in Minneapolis. It was ridiculous. Every single car in that parking structure had a nice little ticket sticking out of it. The fine: $25. So, we’re all freaking out a bit because we were just excited to find parking for $5, we can’t shell out another $25 on top of that! Luckily, as we were pullilng out, we found the guy who was doing the ticketing. Apparently that’s just how they roll in that garage because he told us to hand it to the person at the exit gate and we’ll be good to go. Mini-heart attack diverted.

From there we still needed to find Matt’s car which was in a different parking structure a few blocks away from ours. Luckily, we found it pretty quickly, and he never mentioned anything about a ticket on his, so I’m assuming all went well.

Exhaustion sets in as we stumble into Linnea’s house. I collapse on the couch but cannot fall asleep for a good three hours. Fun. Dogs barking at 7 wake me up. Fun. Then sleep came again at last! For only a few more hours, but it was enough to make me actually feel refreshed. The shower helped too. But since I was only going to stay for Saturday, I did not have a change of clothes with me. So, I had to wear the same clothes I had worn and sweated in the day before. Kinda gross, not gonna lie.

But, we had another fun day ahead of us!

This time we knew Brit’s was going to be super crowded since it was THE game. Linnea and I got there around 11. Jo and Sam had saved us seats along with Toni and Alex, more friends to meet! Matt was on his way. Good way to start the day, I’d say. We played a couple of rounds of Phase 10 since the game didn’t start until 1:30 and we were all there a few hours early. But the game was called on account of the wind. Plus, we’d already had a party foul: Jo knocked over Linnea’s cherry coke, shattered the glass and spilled cherry coke everywhere.

So, we all ate something while waiting for the game to start. No drinking for me this time because I had a 2 hour drive home ahead of me once the game was over. There was a pretty steady flow of people coming in for the game over the next two hours until the lawn was packed, all the tables were taken, along with all of the chairs, and downstairs was crowded with too many people. Linnea and I stayed upstairs where we could sit the whole time and it was glorious. The only problem was, we were in the sun from 11 until 4, again with no sun block. Let’s just say, I hurt. A lot. My only relief is aloe and a cool shower.

The worst part: I have a tan line that I’m not supposed to have. My sister is getting married in two weeks, and the dress I’m wearing is strapless (well, we put tiny straps on it) and my tanline now gives me short sleeves. So, the sitting in the sunshine has not ended yet. I just need to lather the burn with sun block and toast the rest. Hopefully it comes out somewhat even. Otherwise, sorry Vicki!

Linnea and I left as soon as Spain scored their goal. Chalk another one up to Paul the Oracle Octapus! With a minute left in the game, we felt pretty safe in leaving then before the crowds would come pouring out of the pub. Plus, this way, I would be able to make it home in time for dinner. Or so I thought.

Of course, one exit before the one I needed, everyone was shuttled off the highway due to what I’m assuming was an accident up where the construction started. Luckily, I knew my parents would have an idea of how to get me home. Called my dad and he said he couldn’t remember what the name of the road was that I needed to take. He said he’d ask my mom and call me back. He calls me back and said the Bricks weren’t home (a family we know who live in that area). He hung up with me again. I’m making my way over to a gas station to see if they can help me out when he calls again because he finally got the brilliant idea (from my mom) to look it up on the Internet which I don’t have access to in my car or on my cell phone. Wow, genius!

Finally realized the road I was on was the one that led straight onto the highway I needed. Hurray! Almost home! Got home around quarter to 7. My mom had waited to make dinner until I got home. Homemade spaghetti! So yummy!

Now, I am super tired, a little dehydrated I think, and I have to work a 9 hour day. At least there’s nothing going on tonight. I can fall asleep whenever I want! And tomorrow I get to sleep in because I’m heading back up to the Cities for an ice cream social for AmeriCorps members.

Life is good.

(pictures to come)


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