Posted by: pmlemar | July 28, 2010

California Paradise

It has been a long/short glorious/stressful week! And I would do it all again in a heartbeat!

My sister Vicki got married this weekend to a wonderful man, Elmo. Their wedding was absolutely beautiful and went off without a hitch. The days leading up to the wedding were….interesting to say the least, however!

On Wednesday, Susan, the maid-of-honor, and I flew in to LAX. My flights went smoothly and were all on time! Susan’s did not go so well. She had a direct flight from Atlanta and it was delayed for a few hours. She was supposed to get in about an hour before me and ended up landing about an hour after I did. By the time we got to Vicki and Elmo’s place I was starving! So, Vicki had Elmo call in a pizza before we got home. The pizza was amazingly delicious! We had a pretty late night of talking and figuring out what Susan and I needed to do for Vicki while she was at work the next day.

That’s right! She had to work the Thursday and Friday before her wedding! It was crazy! And they were long days too. On Thursday she got to work around 8 a.m. and did not come home until around 7:30/8ish. Instead of a bachelorette party, we ended up watching Monsters Inc. and ordering in Chinese food. That night, for the bachelor party, Elmo and his groomsmen went bowling. As the night was winding down, Elmo got a text from his daughter saying she was in a car accident.

She was ok, just a mild concussion and some whiplash, but no one else got hurt. The car, on the other hand, was toast. Rebecca (Elmo’s daughter) let her friend drive her car and they got T-boned. Rebecca’s airbag did not go off which is why she had injuries and no one else did. That night ended with a crazy frenzy of figuring out what needed to be done and making sure everyone was ok. The accident happened a few hours away from L.A. in Long Beach. I believe the car is still down there…

Anyway, Friday, Vicki had to go to work at 7 a.m. until around 6:30. That night we went to get pedicures as a bachelorette-esque celebration. I discovered I am even more ticklish than I ever believed. It was pure torture. But my toes look pretty now!

Well…they look pretty without the toe separators…

The rest of the night was spent getting things organized for the wedding. Making sure the fans were glued together, the umbrellas had names on them and had a way of indicating fish or beef entrees, table sandals had their table numbers in them, etc. And, of course, packing for the weekend.

Saturday morning we met Casey, Michelle, Rebecca, and Christopher for breakfast. By “we”, I mean me, Susan, Vicki, Elmo and my parents. We had a wonderful breakfast at Nat’s–a little hole in the wall diner that has amazing strawberry waffles! From there we hopped on the road to take the trip up to Pismo. We got there about 10 minutes before the day-of planner was there to guide us through the ceremony so we knew what to do on Sunday.

That is enough for now. The rest will come tomorrow after I have had some rest!


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