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California Paradise, part II

Where were we? Oh yes, Saturday! The day before the wedding. After the quick rehearsal, we had the afternoon to ourselves before the rehearsal dinner. And honestly, for the life of me, I can’t remember what we did. I am fairly certain I took a nap. But that was less than an hour, so I don’t know what I did with myself for the rest of that time. Oh yeah! We all went out to lunch after the rehearsal because we were all starving! We ate at a place called Scotty’s. They had an amazing bacon cheeseburger! I wolfed mine down in minutes. You couldn’t even tell I had food on my plate in the first place! Well, except for those french fries that I don’t eat.

So, after lunch, Michelle, Casey, my mom and I (with Alexis) went to WalMart to grab Alexis a long sleeve shirt because it was a lot cooler by the coast than we were figuring. Her dress had little straps and nothing covering her arms, so we needed to fix that so she wouldn’t freeze at the ceremony the next day.

After that is when I finally got my 45 minute nap in. The rest of the bunch had gone down to the pier to look around and do some little shopping. We all got a little bit of a rest in before the rehearsal dinner started at 7:30. Around 8 everyone had trickled in and we’d all gotten something to drink. around 8:30 they gave us bread and butter to munch on. Then finally around 9 they asked us what we wanted for our appetizers and entrees! It was crazy how long the service took. I don’t think the waitress’s heart was really in it that night. So, eventually around 9:30 we got our appetizers. Then about 45 minutes later we got our entrees. By that time we were all stuffed with bread because we were too hungry beforehand to hold off from eating. So, I didn’t eat much of my ravioli but it was delicious! All the food was terrific. The service just sucked a bit. At 11 most of the guests started heading home for the night. It took about half an hour for Vicki and Elmo to talk them down from making them pay full price for the horrible service we had. I hope they didn’t give any of the gratuity to the waitress who did not want to do her job. There was one waiter who did amazing for our side of the table. He always made sure I had a drink and cleared my spot when I was done eating. He even brought us fresh from the oven bread. It was goooooood!

By the end of the night Vicki was stressing a bit about the things that had been going wrong and wondering if it was a bad omen. I think we finally calmed her down enough to get some sleep.

Next is the big day! At 8 a.m. my dad came knocking at our hotel room to drop off a few of the dresses my mom had ironed. I could have killed him. None of us were expecting anyone to drop by until 9:30 so we were all dead asleep. After that I couldn’t really fall back to sleep. So, at about 9, the rest of the girls started waking up and getting ready for the day. Nothing extravagant, but we did need to at least get dressed before heading out to get our hair done. Our appointments were at 10 a.m. and we were there until about 1. There were 6 of us getting our hair done, and that takes some time when there are only two women working on the hair.

Once the hair was done, we headed back to the hotel for some cold cuts and cheese. Once we filled ourselves, Vicki, Susan, my mom and I headed over to the reception hall to put some finishing touches on the tables and set out the name cards/umbrellas and set up the guest book table.

At about 2:30 or 3 the photographer showed up to take some snaps of Vicki and the rest of us getting ready. We had to be in the lobby at five to 4. We were there a bit early, so Vicki hid on the stairs so no one would see her. At about 10 after 4 we started the ceremony.

It was beautiful! The sun was shining, the seaguls and pelicans weren’t making too much noise, and Alexis was extremely well behaved.

Eddy, one of the groomsmen had a scripture passage that he read, and I read a poem that I wrote for the ceremony:

Simply Love

Hearts, hands, lives entwined.
Broken hearts mended by patience and kindness previously unknown,
Finding comfort in each other, smoothing over the past.
A fairytale brought to life,
Now real and imagined
Foreign to those who’ve never known it,
Beautiful and inspiring to those who seek it,
Perfect happiness to those who live it
True love is more than a state of mind,
It’s a constant state of living.
An awareness of another’s life molding into one’s own
More than mere attraction and giddy infatuation
More than common interests and burning passion
Accepting someone who accepts you
Loves you
Understands you
In a way no one else ever can or will.
On this day, and each day after,
Vicki and Elmo are the living essence of
The elusive dream known as
True and lasting love.

It was difficult to read with a leveled voice because I was shivering pretty badly. It was a bit cold outside wearing the little dresses we all had. Everything went beautifully. For the pictures, Vicki let us wear shawls that my mom got us all, thank goodness! From there, Vicki, Elmo and the photographers went to the beach to take some pictures while the rest of us had cocktail hour.

We all ate, drank, danced, and had fun! I can’t wait to see how the professional pictures turned out. Here are a few photos highlighting the details Vicki put into the wedding and reception.

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